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How long does it take to print a T-shirt?


Average orders take 7-10 days to complete. Since we do not carry a large inventory we have to order the blank apparel & wait for it to be shipped to us. Production time takes 3-4 days after we receieved the apparel. 


How much does it cost?


There are many variables to screen printing. Printing price is based on the number of locations, colors, quantity & the style of apparel. Some brands such as American Apparel can be a bit more costly, while others such as Gildan will be more cost effecrive. Contact us for a quote!


Can you print a T-shirt that I own?


No. Since we cannot gaurantee how the apparel will hold up in production, our policy requires us to only print apparel that we are familiar with and that can be easily replaced if any accidents should happen. 


Can you print a photograph?




Is there a minimum?


Screen printing:  No minimum.  

Embroidery:  12 peices.

Koozies: 100.

Lanyards: No minimum.  


What kind of things can you print?


T-shirts, polos, hats, lanyards, bags, pants, aprons, towels, bandannas & more!


Do you offer Embroidery?


Yes. See our Thread Catalog.


When do I pay?


Payment is upfront & upon order placement. Production begins once the payment is made.


Can I see a sample print?


Yes, we will create a digital mock up of what your design will look like for your approval before production begins. If you still want to see a live sample, because it costs us the same amount of supplies to create 1 print as it does 100 prints, screen fees will be added.


Can I see samples of blank apparel?


Yes, we have a small inventory on hand to show samples. However, due to our limited inventory, we only have select styles in stock.


When do I know my order is ready?


We will send you an email for pick up/ship time once your order is complete. If your order is scheduled for delivery, we will call to confirm a meeting time.